Let It Snow!


This week was wonderful, mostly because of the Christmas festivities!  We had a wonderful dinner with the senior missionary couple and played games while we waited our turn to Skype our families.  I also made palacinke and learned how to flip them in the air!  It was a momentous occasion for me.  I loved Skyping and seeing my family, although it is strange that it was my last Skype on my mission.  I don’t know if I’m ready to accept that fact yet.

I also saw the fattest snowman yesterday because it snowed.  Two days after Christmas we had our first snow of the winter.  And it really dumped.  We are talking 5-8 inches of snow.  So it was fun when we got to church and decided to start shoveling so the branch president could get his car into the parking lot.  Just picture it…two girls shoveling snow in skirts.  It was the most fun thing I had done in a long time.  So fun, that we decided to do it after church as well, for two hours.  We shoveled people’s driveways and some of them were really confused, but it was so fun.  But so cold!  There is still snow on the ground, but it is sunny and will be -17°C this week!!!  Talk about freezing.

This week we are moving into a new apartment and starting the new year.  I love new beginnings because it is a beautiful time to think about how we can change, and do so with the help of the Savior.  I love Christ and the opportunities He gives us to change.  This week as we make our resolutions, let’s make sure they are what God would have us do, thus connecting our decisions to God’s will and power.  I know as we do this we will not fail, and we’ll do much good!  If you ever think something is out of your reach, just remember Sestra Brown from California shoveling snow in a foreign country in a skirt, and I think you’ll find that your goal is not so unobtainable!

Sestra Brown



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