“And I Was Led by the Spirit”


This week I was all over the place, first in Zagreb and then back in Ljubljana with a little lay-over in Celje.  The Missionary Leadership Council meeting I attended was great, and we got to watch the movie “Meet the Mormons”.  I was impressed with the movie and how well it was made.  While Sister C and I were in Zagreb, my companion had an amazing day in Celje.

I have really seen the hand of the Lord in my life this week as my companion and I have contacted referrals.  A couple of days ago we were planning to drop something off at someone’s house who was ill, but on our way there my companion said to me, “Does this feel right?”  I asked her how she felt, and she said she felt like we should be doing something different.  So we stopped and she suggested that we contact one of the referrals that the Elders had received about a month ago.  I told her that thought was so random that it had to be inspired.

We called the senior couple and enlisted them to help us.  But while we were waiting to go home (the address of the referral was at our apartment), we forgot that the main road in Ljubljana was closed and the bus we needed wouldn’t come to that stop.  We waited a good long time, and then when the bus numbers started repeating I looked again at the schedule and realized my mistake.  We then went on another bus further down the line and waited there.  We had a lot of time before our scheduled bus so we went to a bakery and got a snack.  On the way out of the bakery we saw our bus pulling away.

By the time we retrieved the address, and got in the senior couple’s car, we were an hour behind what we had planned.  But we kept going.  Of course the exact address on the GPS didn’t exist, but we got close and hopped out of the car.  We found the house and my companion rang the buzzer.  Nothing happened.  I was thinking of saying when I met this guy, “God has inspired me to be here right now.  He has led me to you.”  Still nothing happened.  I turned to my companion, and this guy who had been unloading his car walked up to the door.  He said, “Hi” and my companion asked him if he knew the name.  He said, “Yes” and then just looked at her.  After an awkward pause she said, “Well, do you know where he is?”  Then he said, “It’s me.”  We had a good laugh, but I just kept thinking if none of these things would have happened, we wouldn’t have been there at that time, and we would have probably missed him.

God knows all and is in control of everything.  We just need to listen to Him.  I am so grateful for my companion and her ability to listen and follow the Spirit.  I hope you have a great week!

Sestra Brown


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