Hello Everyone,

Unfortunately, this week wasn’t one of the most eventful as we had to spend all of it inside.  Last week I developed what I later learned was a pretty bad Staph infection.  It dominated the right side of my face (though the pus-bubbles spread over my left cheek, too).  It was particularly severe around the right and bottom sides of my mouth.  I regret not getting any pictures now; I looked like an extra out of an infected zombie movie.  We had thought the rash on my face and hands was just dryness, not microbes, but it spread very quickly over the weekend.  I went in for my first ever Romanian medical appointment on Tuesday night, and gave the dermatologist quite a shock.  So yeah, I’ve been using antibiotics and medicated creams this past week.

However, I made quite the miraculous (in all senses of the word) recovery.  Within the first day of medication, the yellow scabs to the right of my mouth cracked, revealing fresh red skin underneath and freeing me from the previous restriction on my mouth, which was a huge relief.  Eating and speaking had not been too fun Monday or Tuesday.  I also received a priesthood blessing on Tuesday night.  This experience strengthened my testimony of the power of priesthood blessings.

When I woke up Thursday morning, all the pus-bubbles covering the sides of my face had deflated and were peeling off, and by that night the scabs around my lips were coming off.  By Friday I was practically all better (within 48 hours of beginning treatment), and I was very grateful.  But I still had to stay inside on Friday and Saturday to stay out of contact with people.

Today we ended what my companion and I have called “Quarantine 2015”.  I think there have only been a few times in my life when I’ve ever loved the feeling of just being outside as much as I did today.  On another bright note, the apartment’s never been so organized and clean, it now has the feeling of a roomy tree house (open wood beamed and pitched ceiling).

While I was sick, my district went into support mode.  The day after I told the district that the scabs had cracked around my mouth (making it so that I didn’t have to worry about opening it too widely) we received gifts of brownies and pumpkin cheesecake.  The day before I had guided my companion through baking his first pie, so if sugar aids recovery, I was definitely set.  I’m really appreciative for all the support of those around me and definitely felt very loved last week.

We also had a fireside on Saturday for the branch’s new year’s goals, and a ton of people showed up.  It was as many as normally come to church on Sunday, so that was really impressive.  Also this week, a group of college-aged volunteers walked into church on Sunday.  They are here from the US to volunteer at the children’s hospital; they’ll be here for 3 months.  So the room was packed, causing the Relief Society President to pause when she arrived after the service had started, standing stunned for a few seconds at the entryway.

On a bit sadder note, my companion is getting transferred this week.  That’s mission life, but I will miss him dearly.  We’re still planning to do a web talk show after our missions though, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain.  My next companion will be my first non-American companion, he’s Australian.

I hope everyone can reach out to those in need around them this week.  I can definitely testify of the joy felt when people show kindness in small and simple ways.

Happy to have my face back,

Varstnicul Brown


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