“Behold, to Obey Is Better than Sacrifice”


This week we had an amazing zone conference where we learned a lot about obedience.  I was nervous about my part in the conference.  I taught the other missionaries about the gift of discernment and it went really well.  I know that I received help from God to teach what the Elders and Sisters in our zone needed to hear.  The conference was so spiritual that my companion and I resolved to do a lot better this week on being exactly obedient.

The next day we went out determined to talk to everyone we saw.  For the most part we did just that, except for people that passed by us when we were already talking to someone else.  When we were walking down the road, we met a lady at the end of the street.  We were able to teach her daughter.  She asked us to teach her about what we believe.  We shared the message of the restoration and invited her to come to church.  It was the biggest miracle.  I know that God lead us to that house so that we could find her.  She is so nice.

I know that when we are exactly obedient in keeping the commandments of God and striving to do better, God blesses us with feelings of love and acceptance, and with hope, determination, and boldness.  This weekend as I made an effort to work harder on the small things, I have noticed greater determination and strength in my life to do the things that are hard for me.  Even following the mission rule that says “talk to everyone” can change your life.  I can feel myself growing in boldness, courage, and testimony of the gospel.  I hope that as we go about our week we will notice the freeing power that comes from living the way God would have us live, it’s really the only way to happiness.

All the best,

Sestra Brown


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