Last Stop…Celje!


This week was very busy as we all anticipated transfers.  The first big surprise was when Sister B and I were invited to do a small portion of a radio program that would be 30 minutes about our church and what we do as missionaries.  I was nervous, but they said it really turned out well.  I tried to follow the Spirit as much as possible.  It was funny because the reporter, who was originally interested in the topic, said that he already knew what missionary life was like from a film he had seen.  The film was The Best Two Years.  I did everything I could to not laugh.  I don’t know how informational that movie is, but it was funny that someone here had seen it when I hadn’t until right before my mission.

This week we also had an amazing lesson with a new investigator.  We were definitely guided by the Spirit as we taught about the restoration and the importance of the Book of Mormon.  It was one of the most powerful teaching moments that I have had on my mission.  I know God is preparing people and we just need to find them by listening to the Spirit.  It is so beautiful how much truth these people already have, and how we can really help them to see the rest God has for them.

Thursday was an amazing day.  We were at the church after English class when this guy walked in and started looking around.  He was researching religions and was interested in what we believe.  He took a Book of Mormon and we explained a little bit about it.  After he left, we were able to give our church tour to a different man.  It was definitely a blessing and miracle from God.  I mean how many times do you have a day like that?

I know God is mindful of us and has blessings waiting for us.  We just need to be ready to receive them.  Sometimes they come in disguise, and they usually come under the title of hard work and obedience.  But they always come.

I am being transferred to Celje this week.  It will be an adventure!  But I am ready for a challenge.

Hope you have a great week full of miracles.

Sestra brown

P.S. – Last week we went to an ice sculpture exhibit that was pretty nifty.  I took some pictures similar to ones a few years ago when I was in an ice cave on the Jungfrau in Switzerland.  There was also a big ice dragon that I was imitating.  I thought it was really fun.



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