“For My Soul Delighteth in the Scriptures”

Hello Everybody!

A highlight from this last week was the exchange I had in Galati with, you guessed it, Elder L.  It turns out he’s never been a Zone Leader without me being a District Leader in his zone.  We had a good exchange in Galati, which randomly has a good Mexican food place?  It’s interesting to keep meeting the same people in different parts of the country.

Because of the exchange, I had to scrap the plan to make cheesecake, and quickly baked some brownies instead.  So yeah, I’ll make cheesecake this week.

We met with several members last week, including the one who’s building his own house.  It’s amazing to see how far he’s gotten, although he’s taking a break to work right now.  The house has a functional and heated kitchen and a side room now, so that’s really cool.  His place also still has a good supply of cats.

We passed out advertisements for our free English classes this week as a district.  I was able to give out many more cards than before.  It’s just easier when there’s some friendly competition I suppose?  As part of this contacting we also drew with some chalk, which is normal for group contacting.  It was randomly a very beautiful day that day.  This week we hope to go contacting with the giant Styrofoam Bible and Book of Mormon that the Sisters made last transfer (pictures of those to come eventually, don’t worry).

I’ve started following the suggested pattern for developing Christ-like attributes outlined in “Preach My Gospel”.  The pattern is very thorough and involves studying to get specific questions answered.  I’m gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to truly “study” the scriptures.  Scripture study is so amazing when done right.  I just can’t get enough!  I invite everyone to put more effort into their scripture study this week.

My short email for the week,

Varstnicul Brown


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