Pust Again!


This week was pretty great!  It’s starting to turn into spring and I am hoping that with the upcoming Pust holiday we will finally scare away winter.  We walked outside our apartment on Saturday to find a parade and free donuts!  How great is that!  It has been great seeing everyone in costumes walking around for the past couple of days.  You would think it was October or something haha!

We also had an exchange this week with the Kranj Sisters.  Sister B and I were serving again for the last time.  It was wonderful, but just strange because the mission has all happened so fast.  I can see how we both have changed, and I’m excited to see what good she will do at home.  She is so talented.

This week we taught a wonderful lesson to some new people.  They really accepted the message and told us that we could come back!  I am excited to continue to teach them.

On Sunday we had some really great talks in church about judging others, and how we really have no right to judge.  That really got me thinking.  I believe we often are so quick to think something about someone else.  “Why did they do that?” or “What were they thinking?”  But we really have no right to judge them.  We don’t know what they are dealing with.  It’s a lesson that I don’t think I have fully learned.  I know all of us can work on not jumping to conclusions and judging others.  I am excited to become a better person through God’s help.

For our preparation day we are going to one of the local Push festivals today in Ptuj!  There will be lots of costumes.  It truly will be a once in a lifetime opportunity!  I will send pictures next week.

I hope this week we can all focus on following the Savior’s example and bless the lives of others and see them how God sees them.

Thanks for all the support!

Sestra Brown


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