Donning the Kurant Costume


This was the week of Pust!  So we went to Ptuj and ate our fair share of donuts.  The town was pretty much dead when we got there, but as we continued to stick around it livened up.  The best part was the Kurants. (  Seriously amazing.  It was like someone dressed up and ran around banging pots and pans, except with cow bells and people jumping up and down.  I have some great videos.  We were able to dress up, so that was funny too.  I’m just hoping it worked and that winter is really scared away now.  (

This week I thought and studied more about the Atonement and why we need it.  I have been thinking a lot about my mission and how much more I could have done if I knew what I know now.  I think the times when we feel this way, we really must trust God and have faith in the Atonement.  Although we don’t know why it took us so long to get to where we are, we can be assured that what we have learned and accomplished in the process is for our benefit.

God has promised that if we continue to change to become more like him, He will consecrate our efforts for our benefit.  We need to have faith in that!  Change is a hard thing in any form, and sometimes it can seem impossible.  But with God’s help we can overcome any difficulty and have everything work together for our good.  I am so grateful for every day of my life that I have to change and become better and to leave the past behind, no matter how good or bad it was, and look to the future.  I love the freedom that we have because of the Atonement and that we can choose to live our lives without fear.  I hope this week that we all focus on having more faith in our ability to become better and do more together with Christ.

I am doing really well and loving it here!  Hope that you are all doing well too.  Time to work-off all the donuts I ate this week!

Sestra Brown



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