Loving the Office Life!

Hello Everyone,

This week I’m transmitting from Bucuresti, as I’ve already been transferred.  I had to go early to get trained and help out, because I’m now one of the Elders serving in the new mission office (which is a really nice office).  Today I prepared a lot of the visa work for the missionaries, and I would’ve already received mission vehicle certification, but I forgot my license and passport at the apartment.

My departure from Iasi was sudden.  I found out on Friday that I’d be leaving, and I would have left that night if I didn’t have to help on an audit on Saturday morning.

Serving in the mission office is really cool.  It’s confirming that I need to work a desk job when I get home (the opposite of what most people say I know, but I love it).  I’m definitely keeping busy, and I like that the position gives me a chance to see direct results of getting tasks done.  It gives me a definitive sense of accomplishment and makes me realize that I’m helping.

Going to church in Bucuresti is also great.  There were so many people there yesterday! (which will hopefully lessen the shock of going back home).  It’s also really amazing to see a branch that is so fully self-run (i.e. not reliant on the missionaries for leadership positions).  I can’t wait until all the branches are that way, and I’m confident they will continue to progress until they get there.

Serving in the mission office doesn’t mean that we don’t get to meet with people, though.  We met with a member of the Mihai Bravu branch (the one the office Elders attend) tonight.  He was really nice, and I look forward to getting to meet with him in the future.

Also, we had a zone conference in Chisinau last week.  The conference was mostly about being obedient.  It was very uplifting and I really enjoyed it.  Chisinau has changed so dramatically over the course of my mission.  It’s now exploding with missionary success and activity.  I still am in awe to see how much it’s grown, and how much is planned for the city’s future.  It makes me wish I was serving there!  But Bucuresti ought to start exploding any second now too, and I am happy about serving here.


Varstnicul Brown


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