Transfer Week at the Apartment – Break out the Sleeping Bag!

Hello Everybody!

The beginning of this past week was intense because of transfers.  Our apartment may have 6 beds, but I still had to sleep on the couch and then on the floor because of how packed it got.  This was the first transfer where we had everyone check in their baggage at the train station, rather than make a huge huddle of baggage and have people waiting there literally all day.  Instead, everyone came to the new mission office, where we held a few training classes.  There was also a ton of candy on the front desk of the office at the beginning of the week to accommodate all the missionaries cycling through, which I was a big fan of.  I got to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in a while.  Later in the week it got less busy, and finally the relief of a non-packed apartment came.

I went to the airport a lot this week.  On Wednesday, we had to wake-up really early to get the departing missionaries there.  We also picked up the only missionary serving from Israel (assigned to Moldova).  We took him to the Israeli embassy so he could take care of visa paperwork.  There is no Israeli embassy in Moldova, so we’re trying to get Romania’s embassy to vouch for him to Moldova.  The embassy wanted only him up on its floor, but security told us to go through anyway.  We got to hear some Hebrew before they sent my companion and I back down, so that was cool.

We attend Mihai Bravu’s district meetings (where Elder A, my prior companion in Iasi, is District Leader), and have weekly staff meetings for all those serving in the office.  I’m getting a lot of spreadsheet experience, and I like making them, so that’s fun.

I still prefer using the metro, but driving isn’t that bad.  Parking though…

We are helping teach a Romanian man in Norway via Skype, and we should be adding one in Germany soon.  The mission office is a very busy place to serve.

All for now (I’ve got to go bowling),

Varstnicul Brown


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