Daring Night Driving Escapades

Hello Everyone,

Last week I made brownies and carrot cake, so I’d say it was a good week.  This week I’m making a berry cream pie (it’s been so long since I’ve made a pie; much too long).  So the baking is back, and that’s good.

We visited that Filipino couple again and taught them the Restoration.  It was one of the more spiritual experiences that I’ve had in a while.  We could’ve done a better job at the start of the lesson, but the end was great, with a lot of testifying.  Prayer was a special highlight, and the influence of the Holy Ghost was definitely present.  They’re such amazing people.  Prayer is already something special to them, and they already understood the Holy Ghost astonishingly well.  The wife will be in the Philippines for a few weeks, but we’ll still be meeting with her husband.  They also want us to meet with one of their friends when we meet with him.  They’ve told her about their meetings with us, including the Gospel part, and she’s interested.  So that’s really exciting.  When people are prepared by the Lord, you can just tell.

On Sunday, we Skype taught a lesson in the second hour of church to a man in Germany.  We ended up having to do it in the hallway on the second floor to get a decent wireless connection on our iPad (the connection still wasn’t very solid, we’ll have to arrange to use the computer next time).  So yeah…that moment when a member comes up the stairs and just kind of stands right behind you for a while, slightly out of the camera’s view, while you relate the First Vision.  A bit awkward for me, but amusing to look back on I suppose.

On Sunday evening we, along with the missionaries from the Mihai Bravu district (whom we go to church with), were invited to the branch president’s home for dinner.  The drive home from his house is quite far.  In fact, we drove through downtown (by the old town/Unirii area of Bucuresti)…at night.  Actually, I drove through it!  Umm, yeah, it was just a bit stressful, but somehow, despite the many cars (and one random lady behind us who got out of her car, blasted some music, and yelled while waving her arms back and forth while everyone was stopped – the street’s a club now?), we made it back in one piece.  I may have to take it easy on the daring night driving escapades for a while.


Elder Brown


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