Spring Cleaning!

Hello Everyone,

This week our investigator was not able to meet with us.  However, we had to go to the visa office this morning to turn in an Elder’s paperwork, and guess who of all people was there?  Yep, our investigator.  Well, I guess meeting someone randomly all over a city of millions is one way of keeping in touch.

I didn’t have enough eggs to make brownies for this week’s office staff meeting, so I switched to oatmeal raisin cookies.  I’m definitely going to keep baking once a week.  It’s especially important now that I don’t have time to cook nearly as often.  I guess serving in the office is good prep for post-mission life, with the office setting, increased eating-out, and driving, but it comes at a price.  I really miss planning and cooking all of my meals.  I need to work harder to fit it in.

Today was the mission’s Spring cleaning day, so the apartment is now looking better.  I hope we can keep it that way.  A clean apartment makes a big difference.

Yesterday and Saturday were General Conference.  We were able to watch all the sessions except the last (due to the time difference).  I really liked this conference.  I felt that it was specialized for me.  I love that we have leaders called of God today through which God speaks to us directly, addressing our specific needs, concerns, and spiritual education.  For anyone who missed a talk, they’re all here:  https://www.lds.org/general-conference/sessions/2015/04 .  I’d invite us all to take some time and catch up where needed, and review those we really felt spoke to us.


Varstnicul Brown


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