Happy Eastern Orthodox Easter!

Hello Everyone,

This upcoming week is transfer week, meaning that last week was busy (I didn’t even get to make brownies!

Sunday was interesting because it was Easter Sunday (I’m not late; Romania is a traditionally Orthodox country).  Once again, I went to a midnight Easter mass ceremony, highlights included:

  • The candle lighting of course (although I didn’t have a candle this year…awkward).
  • Some guy fainting early in the ceremony a few feet from us (luckily it was a big event being televised (I think it was conducted by the highest Orthodox leader?), so an ambulance was close at hand).
  • Me actually being able to understand the whole ceremony.

It really was a powerful cultural experience for me, and I’m glad I was able to attend.

We were also well fed on Sunday.  The Mihai Bravu branch had an Easter themed Sacrament Meeting and an Easter meal (complete with a red egg on every plate) for the third hour.  After church, we went to the senior missionary couple’s apartment for Easter dinner.  They had prepared an amazing meal, and even gave us Easter-candy take-home bags.

Easter was great, I hope it was the same for everyone.  I hope everyone gets time to review General Conference, I still need to watch that last session…

Back to the craziness of the Mission Office,

Varstnicul Brown


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