Contacting in Parcul Herăstrău

Hello Everyone,

Well, the week of stress is finally over, and things have slowed back down to their normal pace.  Actually, transfer week as a whole wasn’t too bad (though one of the departing missionaries did miss their flight, and we did cut it close on getting the new missionaries’ medical appointments in before the clinic closed).  I think buying everyone’s tickets online from the mission office, while it took some work, did help things run fairly smooth.  I also didn’t have to drive, so that made me happy.  Next transfer day should be fairly easy; we don’t have many new missionaries arriving.

This week we did contacting in the park by the mission office with some other missionaries.  The park is centered around a good sized lake.  The park is gigantic.  For another recent park contacting activity (an Easter concert put on by the Bucuresti missionaries), several of us decided to contact all the way around the lake; it took us about two hours to circle it.  This time while contacting, I stopped a man who turned out to be an English teacher from Braila (near Galati).  He hung around us for the rest of the night so he could talk to native speakers.  He even tried to put me on the phone with one of his best students, which was a bit awkward and didn’t work out, since there was communication difficulty as she was on a bus.  I think he’ll check out our classes in Galati, so that’ll be cool; maybe some of his students will come.

Still no baking this week, unfortunately (I really need to shape up, I know).

This week I helped one of the office senior missionary couples teach a pair of investigators who were there waiting to talk to President Ivory.  They are a really cool couple, and while we didn’t get all the way through our recap of the Restoration, it was nice.  It’s been a while since I’ve taught in Romanian, which is a bit odd.

Office life is going well and we’re somehow fine, despite the new Assistant to the President is the mission’s other Elder Brown, and despite both senior missionary couples serving in the office have the same last name.  Somehow it hasn’t caused too much confusion (even though the office Elders and APs live in the same house).  I suppose it’s nice not to have so many names to remember.

I also got a new haircut this morning,

Varstnicul Brown



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