Romanian Member Photo Shoot Makes

Hello Everyone,

Well, I’m not as motivated to write today, because I just talked to my family yesterday, but I would like to invite everyone to look at  There are some pictures featuring Romanian members there, and it’s just cool since I know almost all of them.

I recently learned that Elder Kearon (a visiting general authority who I met in Iasi) was just called as the President of the Church’s Europe Area, so that’s cool.

I can’t think of much for this week, but as a random fun fact that really has nothing to do with anything, I was reminded that I’ll soon be going to school with both my older and younger sister.  And while I’m on the subject of things in the future, I might as well reference the current date, mission-relative time.  It is week 5, transfer 15, for those who want to keep track.  In other words, my last transfer is coming up.  It will probably be epic for some random reason I don’t know about yet, so I’m just warning all readers to be prepared.

We recently got in contact with a really cool couple we had been teaching a while back.  Hopefully we will see them on Saturday, so that should be fun.  We’ve had a great spiritual discussion with the couple before.

Happy day after my younger sister’s birthday (my family seemed so much older when I talked with them),

Varstnicul Brown



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