Choose to Be Happy

Hello Everyone,

This week’s highlight was spending Saturday through Sunday afternoon in Alexandria, one of the two smallest areas in the mission.  It was actually bigger than I had thought.  Anyway, it’s around an hour and a half drive from Bucuresti.  We had to be there to be a threesome with another missionary for the weekend.  It’s a rather nice small town, and the missionaries have really friendly neighbors in the bloc next door.

I’m a bit tired right now.  Today we had two visits to the visa office, submitting paperwork for four missionaries.  You get to cut the line if you set up online appointments as we do, but there was only one window open today, so it was a bit of a challenge.  We also meet with a telephone company representative for a problem I’ve been working on all week (they didn’t issue our monthly recharge, causing some chaos), and it took some time to get them to understand.  Nonetheless, we got some ice cream today and feeling tired is kind of good in a way.

I’ve always taken special care not to include negativity in my entries.  Looking at today’s events, although they could be viewed as a negative experience, if I choose, I could think about their positive outcomes and how important they were.  Surely, our attitude is largely under our control.  Something I have thought about often, and personally seen as a continuing theme on my mission, is the message “choose to be happy”.

Hoping we can all apply this principle a little better in the coming week,

Elder Brown


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