The Last Transfer

Hello Everyone,

This will be the last full transfer week I’ll be witnessing on my mission.  There was decent amount of work that went into transfers, though not as much from my part this time.  Relatively, it hasn’t been very difficult at all so far, being that there are only two missionaries incoming.  I couldn’t be happier with those chosen to train the two new missionaries, both being my prior companions.  Elder C and his companion came down this morning and, along with the trainers, are staying the night in our apartment.  Literally all of my favorite companions are staying over tonight, so I’m decently happy.

This past weekend, Elder L’s companion had go to Alexandria so the missionary there would have a companion until transfers.  So I’ve been doing a good amount of stuff with Elder L, which is always fun.  We went to Mihai Bravu so he could conduct a baptismal interview for an investigator who was baptized this weekend.  We also went to Panduri, and I was happily surprised how I remembered how to get there (I still try to avoid driving here if possible).  We ate out at a few places, and visited an elderly couple where the husband is paralyzed (but comes to church every week).  The area where the couple live is called “Sebastian”, and I must say that the neighborhood “Parcul Sebastian” was very lively and had a really cool fountain in its center.  The couple was also fun, and it was just so good to get some substantial Romanian conversation again (teaching in Romanian is the best).

I’ve begun trying to memorize a scripture with my daily personal study from the “favorite scripture” list in the inside cover of my study journal (ones I generated from doing Preach My Gospel attribute studies).  In order to make them stick, you have to repeat them throughout the day, which will have a large impact as I get it to be a regular habit.  I would assume that things are more powerful if you have them in your mind throughout the day and at hand at all times.

My new companion is already here, just in from a seven-and-a-half month stay in Brasov (I guess that’s a decent amount of time to be there).  Lucky for me he loves driving, and drove quite a bit for a job before his mission.  I might just get out of driving almost completely for the rest of my mission.

Wishing everyone a good week,

Varstnicul Brown


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