Meet the Mormons Romanian Movie Premiere

Hello Everyone,

This weekend was Bucuresti District Conference, as well as the Meet the Mormons movie premiere.

The conference was good.  I saw a member from Iasi at Panduri with a bunch of other YSA (young single adults) from around the country.  We got to pick-up and drop-off the visiting Area Seventy at the airport.  He was really nice and noticeably happy.  He also delivered his talks on Sunday in his native Spanish, which I thought was pretty cool.  The conference focused on branch councils and the value of women, as well as the importance of everyone having a calling.

As for Saturday night at the movies, it was really cool.  The mission president emailed today, “320 in attendance and 70-100 non-member friends”.  There were maybe a few empty seats, but the theater was full.  It was a really cool movie too, and I’m so glad that it made it into Romanian.

Some reorganization of the District leadership also happened at the conference.  Notably, one of my friends from Iasi is taking on a major District leadership responsibility, and a few more Iasi members were announced as being advanced to the Melchizedek priesthood.  The cool thing about serving in Romania is that it’s easy to know a relatively good amount of the active membership in the country, and it’s great to see their progression.

I hope everyone can work to magnify their callings this week, they’re important.  Isn’t it cool that the Lord has given each of us a specific responsibility?


Elder Brown


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