Real Change

Hello Everyone,

This week was a good because we were much better at planning, and I was better at getting up.  Small things done regularly have a large impact, and I hope that this improvement will build momentum and that my last month will be one of the best.  Yes, that’s right, today is my one-month-left mark!  Whoa!

It looks like we’ll be getting many more opportunities to teach Skype lessons to Romanians in foreign countries in the near future, so I should be able to report on that soon.

Right now the mission is on an 84-day “mountains to climb” program, wherein many things are listed for us to accomplish each day in order to reach new heights as a mission.  The successful end of the program will result in the entire mission meeting in Brasov for some sort of hike?  I’ll be gone by then, but the good news is that following the program improves daily life, and I was in Brasov for ten and a half months already.  It’s a good reminder that all of us need to improve daily, whether missionaries or not.  We need to add small improvements that we repeat and sustain until they become a part of us, a part of life.  To see real improvement and lasting change, we need to be regular in our behavior.

Wishing every one a happy week,

Elder Brown


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