Encore: The Beautiful Romanian Countryside

Hello Everyone,

This week we did some service for a member from the Panduri branch.  We cleared out some of her garden, moved wood, and picked strawberries.  Afterwards she served us a Romanian meal, throughout which cats and kittens were attempting to get to the food on the table.  I really wish I had my camera on me for that.  I also really liked her dogs.  But even ignoring my pet withdrawal, there’s no place like the Romanian countryside (easily the coolest part of serving here).  In order to really appreciate Romania, you need to get out of the cities; the countrysides are what it’s all about, all so beautiful in their own way.

We almost got to Skype with someone in Germany (they were ready and we were ready, but they tried to let us know by email rather than by appearing on Skype).  We did set-up a Skype between some Sister missionaries and an investigator in Germany, which I hear went well.  We’ll be teaching a family in France on Wednesday, if all goes according to plan.

My companion and I got haircuts today, and later today I’m planning on getting some clothes to wear for after my mission.

That’s all for this week,

Elder Brown


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