The Final Week

Hello Everyone,

Well, this week is weird, because it’s the last full week of my mission.  But we’ll deal with farewell stuff later, because I’m neither prepared nor feel like doing it right now.

This week was marked by sickness and malady, not for me, but for those around me.  My companion got food poisoning and some sort of weird gastro-thing.  One of the assistants to the president got food poisoning and a worm.  They both had the same symptoms, but the ultrasound found no worm in my companion.  I also felt a little queasy the first day of when this all went down, but it passed for me.  Guess it’ll be hard to trust my favorite furniture store’s meatballs again, as we all had them that day (it might have also been our water, not really certain).

Anyway, after medicine, everyone’s back on their feet again and out and about, but this wasn’t the most productive week (although I did get to spend time with the other assistant to the president, which made me happy since we have the same last name).

We had a Zone Conference on Friday, my last one.  Its main theme was the importance of daily habits.  Probably one of the most practical themes ever, if you think about it; developing and maintaining good daily habits is key to improvement and growth in any stage of life.  Hooray for super-applicable subjects!

This next week ought to be furiously busy, as we make up for lost time and prepare for transfers.  So if you get a chance to go on a mission, do it, because (among other things) it can do wonders for your work ethic (which I really needed).


Elder Brown


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