I Know

Hello Everyone,

This is the last email that I’ll write as a missionary.

I’ve learned a lot on my mission and am very grateful for it.  I could talk about all the things I’ve learned and how I’ve learned them, but it would probably be better to just say what spiritual knowledge I know now as a result of my service.

I know that the Spirit of God, the Holy Ghost, is real and communicates with people.  I know that through Him we can receive guidance and messages from God, through the feelings and thoughts He gives us.  Similarly, I know that the absence of the Holy Ghost is one of the first warning signs that what we are hearing, seeing, etc…is bad or not true.  We will be directed and protected according to how much we pay attention to the ever-present influence of God in our lives.

I know that there is spiritual power in the scriptures, the words of God recorded by prophets and peoples throughout the ages.  The words we read from the scriptures will give us spiritual strength and peace as we study them and heed their message.

I know that there is power in love, which motivates and inspires people to do what they would not do otherwise.  It is also the most important and most powerful source of joy.

I know that, as a missionary, I was given the linguistic power I needed to teach.  The spiritual gift of tongues (of speaking in foreign languages) is real.  Through the power of God, and the influence of the Holy Ghost, anyone can do whatever God requires.

I know that the heavens are not closed.  Through prayer we may communicate with God (and have him speak to us!).  I have seen people who found the concept of open and personalized conversation with God very difficult to understand or accept.  I wish more people would understand the beautiful simplicity of prayer.  I know that I can talk to my Father in Heaven, and to do so, all I need is to address Him and close in the name of His Son, acknowledging that my prayer is only possible because of Christ’s redeeming sacrifice…that sacrifice by which all mankind may repent and be brought to live with God again.

I know that true happiness comes by living according to the gospel of Jesus Christ as restored by His prophet in our times, Joseph Smith.  I have lived it, loved it, and I highly recommend it.

All the best,

Varstnicul Brown


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