Halfway Through…


I really don’t have much of any time to write today.

This week I got my shirts tailored, and the tailored life is a good one.  I don’t know how Americans are okay with having our shirts normally baggy.  I guess it’s just because we don’t care, but I really prefer tailored shirts now, and at 10 lei a shirt, why not get them tailored?

I’ve given up on this transfer’s baking theme.  Cookies are cool, but I live for the intricate and new, and cookie dough, while always delicious, is messy on the hands (two to three times even as there are multiple batches).  I made Rhubarb torte and carrot cake is up coming.  Also, we’ve elected to make chicken pot pie a weekly dish after Saturday’s delicious lunch.

I hit my half-way mark this week!  We went out to eat at a Romanian restaurant in the city center, and I got papanasi (a traditional Romanian doughnut-type dessert).

I gave a talk on missionary work on Sunday, my first unread (though thoroughly practiced) talk.  I tied in how my missionary farewell talk was partially on Romanian and Moldovan pioneers.  It seemed to have gone over really well, and was a really cool experience.

‘Til next time,

Varstnicul Brown



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  1. I think I recognize that cute elder sitting next to your son! LOL!

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